Author(s) Guidelines

1. The Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis (JURA) seeks to redefine and revigorate the links between geography, sociology, planning, economy, political science. It aims to publish original academic research, critical studies and discussions of the highest scholar standard in the field of urban and regional development. Submitted papers will be evaluated on the basis of their creativity, academic quality and contributions to advancing the understanding of the complex problems related to urban and regional development.

2. Submitted manuscripts must be original, unpublished contributions. They must not be submitted or accepted by any other publications. All articles submitted to JURA* will be available online, free of charge.

3. One electronic copy of the manuscript should be sent by filling the online submission form.

4. Layout: Manuscripts should be written in English and contain no more than 8000 words. Page setup: A4 size, 3 cm. all margins; title: Arial Bold, 12 pts, all caps, centered; 2 empty rows (same font); name of authors using Arial, 10 pts.: first name italic, last name upper-case, centered. Affiliation follows below, centered; 2 empty rows (same font). The abstract: start with the word "Abstract", followed by the text, not to exceed 150 words. Use Arial, 8 pts., justified alignment, indent 2 cm. left and right; 1 empty row, same font. Three or four keywords should start after the word "keywords", written using Arial, 8 pts., justified alignment, indent 2 cm. to the left. Keywords should be written using Arial Italic, 8 pts.; 2 empty rows, same font. The text uses Arial, 9 pts., Justify alignment. Headings use Arial Bold, 9 pts., centered. Research articles should use the following headings: Introduction, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, References. The text of tables uses Arial, 9 pts. Captions and tiles of tables are centered and use Arial Bold, 9 pts. Tables and figures should be centered and numbered consecutively throughout the manuscript and referred in the text using Arab numbering. Captions should use the word table/figure with italic characters followed by the title with bold font. Citations in the text should use the Harvard System of short references, for example: (Geyer 2002) followed by a, b,... when two or more references to works by one author are given for the same year, e.g. (Geyer 2002a, 2002b). Page numbers should be indicated for quotations. At the end of the article, a full listing of references in alphabetical order should be provided in the following style: use Arial, 9 pts, hang at 1 cm:

GIDDENS A. (1990), The Consequences of Modernity, Polity Press, Cambridge.

MARSHAL R. (1995), The global job crisis, Foreign Policy 100 (1), 50-68.

Avoid the excessive use of footnotes. 

Images should be submitted in their final form, at good quality.

Authors not proficient in English should have their manuscripts checked before submission by a competent English speaker. 

5. Final versions of papers accepted for publishing should be submitted electronically in a MS Word compatible format suitable for editing.

*JURA is an open-acces journal with a frequency of two issues per year (publication in February and in August).