Analysis of the urban and regional condition needs to be interdisciplinary. In reality, urban researchers usually tend to belong to a discipline reflecting their training whether as sociologists, geographers, planners or any number of subjects concerned with the study of space and place.

Our training very often endorses an appreciation of how other disciplines explore the city. For the journal the  acknowledgement of the many disciplines that  concerned with understanding cities and regions   will be indicated by the different disciplinary  back-grounds reflected in the papers published. Articles will be published by geographers, sociologists, planners, economists, political scientists, to mention just few of the disciplines involved in urban and regional study.

The Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis plans to be a key outlet publishing topical articles dealing with cities and regions. In later issues we plan to include sections  devoted to notes and comments as well as a policy section outlining and discussing state and non-state initiatives aimed at improving cities and regions, together with the problems confronted by their implementation.